It’s our 30th Birthday!


  In 1993, Paddywack Promotional Products embarked on a remarkable journey when my wife, Pamela, and I acquired the company, building upon its foundation established in 1988. Today, we proudly celebrate three decades in business. As a locally owned and operated enterprise, we have thrived

It’s our 30th Birthday!2023-11-28T13:33:03+10:00

The Power of Branded Products


Okay, let's talk about the unsung hero of marketing – promotional products. We get it, they've been around forever, and you've probably got a drawer full of branded pens somewhere. But wait, before you dismiss them as the 'ugly duckling' of marketing, let us

The Power of Branded Products2023-11-27T12:52:54+10:00

What’s in a Drink Bottle?


The good old drink bottle, it’s been around for years but only fairly recently you have probably heard phrases like BPA Free floating around and conflicting information on the internet. But fear not, we are here to point you in the right direction! What

What’s in a Drink Bottle?2018-09-19T17:36:25+10:00

Picking the Right Polo Shirt


Polo shirts aren’t what they used to be 10 years ago when most were cotton and the ones that were polyester were cheap and nasty.  Breathable polyester is the most popular growth area for polos and most are made with anti-bacterial properties so they

Picking the Right Polo Shirt2018-09-19T17:36:25+10:00


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