Scientists and sociologists will declare that the culture of giving business promotional products is as nearly old as the history of humanity. The original form of donating company promotional items would date back to the time when trade developed. Already in those days, gifts were a natural part of business. Most probably, the custom is much older. Considering that chimpanzees give food to other chimpanzees who weren’t part of their group may indicate that gift-giving already existed before the ascent of man. Other animals too such as cats, dolphins, penguins, even birds and insects will demonstrate a heart of gold. Are they truly altruistic? No, we must admit that just like humans, they let themselves be guided by self-interest.

Historical sources show numerous examples of gifts between rulers and conquerors, usually for trading purposes. In 757, Emperor Constantine V of Byzantium gave Pippin III of Francia a mechanical organ, and Abul-Abbas was a white elephant, given by Caliph Harun al-Rashid to the Carolingian emperor Charlemagne.

Just Like Organs and Elephants, the Branded Corporate Gifts from Paddywack Promotional Products Stick

The Australasian Promotional Products Association (APPA) of which we are members, has researched the promotional merchandise industry in our country and New Zealand. Their report demonstrates that a recipient’s impression of a company is usually more positive after receiving a gift. Contrary to what sceptics think, many people will use the item they receive, in some cases even daily. Most important of all, approximately 75% recall the name advertised on the product and approximately 50% will do business with the company.

So, seize the opportunity to browse our corporate gifts online. You can choose from over 10 000 items ranging from the tiny but oh-so-yummy to the impressively big in different shapes and sizes. There are products to suit every budget, no matter if your business has only just started or you want to make sure the entire world sees the products or services your company has to offer. At Paddywack Promotional Products, you won’t find articles worth half their price, but instead, you can count on branded corporate gifts worth every cent you pay.

Show Off Your Brand with Paddywack Promotional Products

Well-chosen company promotional items can become your ally when reaching out to customers and connecting with them. Knowing this is one element of becoming or staying a successful business. Understanding how promotional printing on an object can make its intended impact is another matter. Allow us to assist you with the necessary advice. Our team started with a father and daughter who have gathered 35 years of experience together.

Do you live in Canberra or the vicinity of Fyshwick? Our showroom will give you an instant view of our products’ effectiveness. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to contact us, wherever you live in Australia. We’re but a phone call or email message away, and always glad to share our knowledge.