The next time you pick up a stubby holder, an ink pen or a bottle opener, the chances are good that it will be branded with the name and logo of a company with which you’ve interacted at some point. Most people have plenty of these small, useful corporate promotional items sitting around, and they do their job well. People typically keep promotional items around for a long time and even use them every day, which means that branded products are a great way to reach a wider audience. Here are some tips for using them effectively.

Choose the Right Ones

When you’re picking out your corporate promotional materials, think of items that people use every day such as coasters, notepads, torches, water bottles and tote bags. These items should be the ones you choose to use as corporate gifts in Australia. They’ll put your logo and name in front of many people you might not otherwise have reached, especially when you consider that it’s not just the people with the item but the people around them as well, who see your company’s name. Choosing useful items can help ensure that people keep them, so consider your audience and select items they’ll want to use.

Focus on Connections

One of the best ways to use branded corporate items is to help the people you encounter remember interacting with you. For example, if you meet a potential customer at a community event, you can make the interaction much more memorable with a branded keyring than with a business card. If the weather’s hot, consider water bottles or handheld fans; if you’re sponsoring a race, hand out t-shirts or sport towels as souvenirs and to give your brand recognition a boost.

Commemorate Occasions

Not all corporate promotional products have to be mass-produced giveaways. These items can also make great gifts for your employees when you need to honour accomplishments, milestones and achievements. Consider high-quality drinkware, pens, watches and other luxury items, tastefully branded to show appreciation for your team.

Brand Your Team

Speaking of your team, they’ll love receiving promotional items they can use such as shirts, hats and scarves. Even if they only wear them as they’re out running errands or jogging in the park, they’re still acting as brand ambassadors everywhere they go. You might also sponsor a local sports team as a way to use promotional items and get your logo and contact information in front of a wider audience.

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