Are you planning to attend or exhibit at a professional event and want a quick and easy way to market your business? Consider creating promotional cotton tshirts. Paddywack Promotional Products is a leading provider of tshirts for all ages in Australia that bring your company’s logo or message front and centre.

Things to Remember When Designing and Purchasing Promotional T Shirts

When you are creating custom printed t shirts, there are certain details you should always keep in mind. You want a shirt that grabs attention but not to the point of being obnoxious. For example, if you use a brightly-coloured shirt in a light green or yellow, try not to use dark colours for the letters of a catchphrase. If you combine colours that are too bright, the words on the print promo tshirts you select will become hard to see. A potential client may quickly lose interest in whatever your shirt says because their eyes will have to strain to make out the key details you’ve printed on the shirt.

The number of shirts you need to order is a key detail that many people overlook. A common mistake that business owners or event coordinators make is that they do not purchase enough promotional t shirts for fear of exceeding their budget, and the small number they do invest in are quickly snapped up during an event. If you are attending an event, get an idea of how many people will be attending to ensure everyone interested will get a shirt. If you cannot get this information, to avoid a missed opportunity, try to overestimate to avoid running out in the middle of an occasion.

Another important factor is who will be wearing the shirts. Our company offers short sleeve custom printed t shirts for men, women, and children. Every option is soft and smooth to the touch and provides the perfect surface for printing your logo or any branded writing you select. The men’s size shirt comes in nine sizes and fourteen different colours while the women’s print promo tshirts are available in five sizes and thirteen colours. Kids shirts are sized based on the age of the child and come in six options and thirteen colour choices. Tailor the style you choose to the audience you expect to encounter.

Why Use Custom Printed T Shirts?

Promotional cotton tshirts are a great marketing tool for any business. When an employee or customer wears one of your promotional t shirts, they are instantly turned into a walking advertisement. A quality tshirt will not be used just at an event or in one location but will likely also be worn on a regular basis, which substantially increases the chance of an influx of new customers. If you are using the shirt for your employees, the product adds an element of team unity and bonding into the mix, which is also a wonderful message to display to your clients.

Place Your Order with Paddywack Promotional Products

Our team understands the important role promotional t shirts can play in marketing your brand. With 25 years in the promotional products industry, we pride ourselves on offering you a wide selection of affordable products to suit every budget. Our friendly customer service representatives are here to answer any questions, and we are dedicated to providing your business with fast and efficient turnaround times.

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