If you are a business owner or someone trying to raise awareness for a cause or event in Australia, printed promotional bags are a highly effective tool to use. They are a simple way to give any person in attendance a token to remember not only the occasion but also your company.

Paddywack Promotional Products is a leading distributor of promotional tote bags. We offer a huge selection of bags in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes that can display any type of logo or wording that’s relevant to your brand.

Benefits of Using Promotional Tote Bags

Our goal in creating promotional tote bags in Australia is to give a client or a guest something they can take home with them that is usable on an everyday basis. Printed promotional bags are easy to generate when you rely on the decades of experience and passion our company brings to the table. Our selection is not just attractive, but also durable, which lets promotional bag owners use it for a longer period–and be reminded of your message each time they do.

Canvas tote bags are perfect for printing because the material stops the ink from bleeding when we add your design to a bag’s surface. This element lets you add complex designs to the bag without worrying about colours blending, which ensures a clear display of your company logo.

Our Selection of Printed Promotional Bags

The first thing you should keep in mind when browsing through our assortment of printed promotional bags is how the recipient will hold the bag. If you are looking for a bag for carrying small items, a great option is our Gift Tote Bag. The bag is heat sealed and has a cut hand grip for comfort. It comes in nine different colours to suit any event, including orange, bright green, and white.

A Slinger Tote Bag is another popular choice for businesses seeking promotional tote bags. Simply swing this messenger bag over your shoulder and you are ready to go. This bag is a strong choice if you are attending an event with multiple vendors and want to provide a potential client with something that they can use to hold other items they pick up throughout the day. The bag comes in black and red, which helps a lighter-coloured logo to stand out.

If you are in search of a larger and bolder option, a great choice is our Super Shopper Tote Bag. This eco-friendly bag has reinforced handles and a cardboard base to carry heavier items. This choice comes in ten colours and has a handle long enough to let you comfortably carry the bag over a shoulder.

Make Your Order Today

With 25 years of experience in the promotional marketing industry, at Paddywack Promotional Products, we understand that your bottom line is important–and it’s why we provide a detailed price calculator for each of our products. Do you still have questions? Our friendly customer service staff is here to assist. We strive to ensure you are completely happy with your promotional tote bags.

To learn more about our products, use our contact page or call us on (02) 6239 2391. We look forward to helping you select affordable products to suit your budget.