Felt Tip Pens

Our Felt Tip Pens, a vibrant set of 12 washable bullet-tip coloured felt pens conveniently housed in a clear double-locking PP case with a handle. Each pen boasts a solid-coloured barrel and cap, ensuring durability and easy identification. The rich colour selection includes Black, Brown, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Maroon, and Purple, providing a spectrum for creative expression. Ideal for children’s events and artistic activities, these felt tip pens are both practical and fun. The clear case not only offers easy organization but also showcases the appealing colours within.

  • 12 Vibrant Colours: Washable felt-tip pens in a spectrum of vibrant colours. Durable solid-coloured barrels and caps for easy identification.
  • Clear Portable Case: Clear double-locking case with handle for easy storage and portability.

Item Code: LL2912