At any stage in a company’s life, efforts at getting eyes on the business’s brand can come to occupy a significant portion of time. That, in turn, equates to many manhours, a whole lot of time that might yield some dividends, but can often seem more frustrating than its worth. The reality is that branded items do work, though; they keep your brand in the minds of your customers while ensuring other potential customers become familiar with your imagery. Often, though, businesses can face logistical and process-based challenges for procuring even items as basic as promotional long sleeve tshirts. That’s why the process takes more time and can seem to produce diminishing returns — the stress and time diminish the value of the results.

At Paddywack Promotional Design, our team is here to help take that pressure off your business. With an established process and experienced team producing a wide range of goods for promo purposes, our goal is to zap the stress out of the process and leave behind only an easy, problem-free process for procuring the goods you want and need to make an impression over the long term. What are some helpful things to keep in mind as we work together to customise promotional tshirts for your business? Here are a few handy tips.

What to Consider When You Want to Customise and Print Long Sleeve Tshirts

First, think about what you want to express with the shirt. Do you want to customise a shirt so that it prominently and simply displays your logo? Maybe instead the business would be better represented by stark colours and a catchy slogan. Whatever the case may be, carefully consider what you want to get across with the shirt before requesting a print run. Remember, if you want to grow your brand, you will need to keep others’ attention on the shirt long enough for it to communicate a message.

Next, think about both sides of the shirt. It is possible to bring on the front and back, giving you double the opportunity to make an impact. The Paddywack Promotional Products’ team can helpfully guide you through the process of executing a double-sided design. As a final note, don’t forget to provide variety; why not explore tshirts in many different colours? We can print on an extensive variety, giving you plenty of options.

Take the First Steps Towards Making a Bigger Impression

Saving time, reducing stress, and achieving high-quality outcomes are all made easier with the help of Paddywack Promotional Products. With the ability to print long sleeve tshirts to match your requirements, our team can bring your ideas to live while becoming an integral part of the work to expand the audience exposed to your brand. See all we can achieve in apparel, or look through our expanded catalogue for an idea about the full range of products we can provide to our partners. Need a quick turnaround on an order? Just let us know. Reach out online or by phone today to strike up a friendly chat about your needs.