The Benefits of Custom Branded Products and Where to Find Custom Product Branding Online in Brisbane

All businesses can benefit from online branded custom products as a way to reach more potential customers These promotional items are a cost-effective method of driving interest in your brand Companies have bought custom branded products online for years, from small startups to established, global... ... read more.

How to Use Corporate Promotional Products, Items, Materials, and Gifts Effectively in Australia

The next time you pick up a stubby holder, an ink pen or a bottle opener, the chances are good that it will be branded with the name and logo of a company with which you’ve interacted at some point Most people have plenty of these small, useful corporate promotional items sitting around, and they... ... read more.

Tips for Choosing Promotional Clothing and Other Branded Products in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Australia

Branded items such as promotional clothing in Australia offer a unique marketing opportunity These useful items are not typically viewed as advertising, which means that people often keep them and use them long-term Furthermore, the recipients of these items tend to form positive associations... ... read more.

Select the Right Promotional Merchandise for Your Business – We Will Deliver to Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide

When thinking about promotional merchandise for your Sydney or big city business, you want it to be useful and effective It has been shown that consumers will keep products from a promotional campaign for up to two years If it is something that is practical and useful such as a travel mug, it means... ... read more.

Why Personalised Promotional Calico Bags with Your Printed Brand is Useful for Business

Marketing campaigns are an essential way of reaching out to potential customers and getting your brand name out to the public Promotional bags and products are low-cost and have proven to be an effective strategy of driving more customers to your business At Paddywack Promotional Products, we have... ... read more.

Paddywack Promotional Products Creates Printed Promotional Tote Bags in Australia for Your Business

If you are a business owner or someone trying to raise awareness for a cause or event in Australia, printed promotional bags are a highly effective tool to use They are a simple way to give any person in attendance a token to remember not only the occasion but also your company Paddywack... ... read more.

Using Small Custom Personalised Drawstring Bags with Your Logo Printed On It as Promotional Material for Your Business in Australia

In the world of business today, branding might be more important than it's ever been before Marketplaces are more crowded, with savvy competition and picky consumers making having your message heard even more complicated That's why ensuring that you put your brand in front of the eyes that matter,... ... read more.

Custom Printed Promo Cotton Tshirts Available at Paddywack Promotional Products Custom Printed Promo Cotton Tshirts Available at Paddywack Promotional Products

Are you planning to attend or exhibit at a professional event and want a quick and easy way to market your business Consider creating promotional cotton tshirts Paddywack Promotional Products is a leading provider of tshirts for all ages in Australia that bring your company’s logo or message... ... read more.

Create a Long-Lasting Impact on Brand Impressions: Customise and Print Promotional Long Sleeve T-Shirts with the Right Provider

At any stage in a company's life, efforts at getting eyes on the business's brand can come to occupy a significant portion of time That, in turn, equates to many manhours, a whole lot of time that might yield some dividends, but can often seem more frustrating than its worth The reality is that... ... read more.

Promotional Products, Items and Marketing Gifts for your Business

At Paddywack Promotional Products, we can supply you with marketing gifts and promotional products for your business We have been in the business for 25 years, have over 35 years of experience between us and are a father and daughter duo based in Canberra, but we can do business anywhere Acting as... ... read more.

Why Metal and Plastic Water Bottles Are Among the Top Promotional Products You Can Choose

When your business establishes a presence at an event, such as an important trade show, making a solid impression on those who make time to visit your booth is essential While that first impression will be critical and can help to make customers more receptive to your products, services, or even to... ... read more.

Promotional, Personalised and Customised Keep Cups

Are you looking for fun and innovative ways to promote your business At Paddywack Promotional Products, we offer a vast range of items to best suit your business advertising and promotional needs We were established in 1988 and since acquired by father and daughter duo Bill and Pamela Slocum in... ... read more.

Don’t Travel Far – Choose Paddywack Promotional Products for Customised and Personalised Coffee Mugs in Australia

The importance of a hot and comforting cup of coffee or tea in the morning cannot be underestimated Your clients may smile thankfully upon receiving a stylish pen, a waterproof umbrella or a practical tote bag boasting your brand Such gifts are always welcome However, nothing will warm the heart as... ... read more.

The Advantages of Branded Uniforms and Custom Printed or Embroidered Work Wear at Paddywack Promotional Products

For excellent embroidered or printed work wear and branded uniforms, you can rely on Paddywack Promotional Products We are an all-Australian father-and-daughter team with 35 years of experience, exceptional customer service skills, offering affordable products to suit every budget Professionals... ... read more.

Company Promotional Printing Items and Branded Corporate Gifts: Online Products to make your Business Stand out

Scientists and sociologists will declare that the culture of giving business promotional products is as nearly old as the history of humanity The original form of donating company promotional items would date back to the time when trade developed Already in those days, gifts were a natural part of... ... read more.